This year’s NCEES annual report theme of ‘Protect’ seeks to provide a visual for the organization’s commitment to serving the public, defending the professions, and acting as a shepherding force for prospective students and seasoned professional engineers and surveyors alike.


NCEES’ efforts to provide leadership and ethical standards to the professions is met with a secure and unwavering commitment to the health, safety, and welfare of people, industry, and enterprise.

It is our hope and promise to serve the public as a foundation for excellence as we promote licensure and offer a plethora of services and processes that further support the protection of both self and others. This year’s design reflects the path to licensure and is a portrait of exploration of the main pillars of the licensure model, specifically education, experience, and exams. The three Es represent a perspective and important interpretation of NCEES’ pledge to offer guidance and protection.


The path to licensure symbolizes comity, the motion of this organization, and the act of moving forward. NCEES serves as a primer for what the future holds and a guarantee of the future itself.